A better world through music...

...One child at a time.

Dare to dream with us of a world where children are taught the values of kindness, empathy and understanding. Envision a world where young people can feel a sense of purpose and learn the importance of working together with others to achieve a common goal. Music education provides a solid framework for young people to develop what Dr. Shinichi Suzuki called "noble hearts." Music is indeed a sound crossing, a sure footing to a brighter future for our youth. 

Sadly, many children do not have the opportunity to participate a comprehensive and nurturing music education program. We aspire to see a day when no child is turned away from the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument due to economic, social, physical, or intellectual barriers. You can open doors and pave the way for a student to receive music lessons. You can bridge the gap and provide a sound crossing through music. 

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Here’s how your contribution will help MSSC’s students:


  • Refurbish a musical instrument for student use 

one-time donation of $50


  • Provide sheet music and materials for a group class or ensemble

one-time donation of $100

  • Adopt an MSSC piano

$15 per month, or one time donation of $180

  • Provide a violin/viola rental for a student for the school-year 

$25 per month, or one time donation of $300

  • Support a work-study scholarship student

$50 per month, or one-time donation of $600