Black Lives Matter

The Music School at Sound Crossing stands by our core values which include the assertion that everyone deserves access to music education and that we are enriched by diversity within our school community. While these statements have remained a part of our beliefs and have guided our actions since the founding of our school, we want to express a deepened commitment to these core values at this time.  We recognize the lack of access to music education for People of Color and particularly for Black children in our country and are committed to doing more.

As in other areas of education in this country, minority children are vastly underrepresented in school music programs and ensembles and very few have the opportunity to go on to study music beyond high school. Over the last 10 years less than 5% of all college music degrees were awarded to Black musicians and less than 6% to Hispanic and Latino musicians.  

When we look at the effects of systemic racial injustice it is clear that Black families have experienced a deep and devastating struggle for equality in our country. By seeking to support and uplift the Black community at this time we inevitably uplift all marginalized groups who share the struggle for racial and social justice.

We want to affirm our commitment to creating a supportive environment that honors the needs and experiences of all of the families at MSSC. We are ready to listen and welcome feedback on how we can do better in supporting our students and families who have been impacted by racism. We will continue to strive for what Dr. Shinichi Suzuki called a “noble heart” and ask that all MSSC families join us in this commitment.

 “The heart that feels music will feel people.” ~ Shinichi Suzuki